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Rear View:

Graphic of the Month


Each month a different item from the archive, chosen by a Guest Curator, is featured in full here:
Visitors are invited to respond and share. After a month, the item and any comments are archived and stored on this page.

Guest Curators:

April 2021

May 2021 Adam Zmith

June 2021 Gill Crawshaw

July 2021 Gabriel Duckels

Aug 2021 Chase Ledin

Sept 2021 CoRH!! – Roger Sabin & Ian Horton

Oct 2021 Jane Shepherd

Nov 2021 Ant Babajee

Dec 2021 James M Barrett

Jan 2022 Theodore (ted) Kerr

Feb 2022 Marc Thompson

Mar 2022 Ford Hickson

April 2022 Dr Emily Nicholls

May 2022 Paul Sammut

June 2022 Alison Crosland

Aug 2022 Andrew Slatter

Sept 2022 Donna Riddington

Oct 2022 Andrew Dineley

Nov 2022 Dr David Rowe

Dec 2022 Ed Webb-Ingall

Jan 2023 Chris Olver

Feb 2023 Paul Coleman

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