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This site is a historic visual archive of promotional campaigns and graphic ephemera, compiled in order to examine changes in health promotion approaches, messages and concerns around HIV/AIDS in the UK and Republic of Ireland, acting as a reference source for the development of future communications. It is not intended to be a complete or comprehensive​ collection, but to offer a supplementary visual reference source for those interested in the design of HIV/AIDS materials.


Information and advice contained in the ephemera shown is not necessarily current but reflects the thinking about the epidemic at the time of publication. The summary briefing PDF document accompanying some sections provides further context and analysis.

Most of the scanned materials are part of a personal collection of printed items. Covers of leaflets/booklets are shown on the site. Contact for more details and requests to view pages and content, or loans for exhibitions etc.


The site is an ongoing work in progress, suggestions always welcome. This is a not-for-profit project and efforts are currently being made to contact owners of copyrighted materials. If you can help with this process, please

get in touch.


Siân Cook: Designer and Educator with expertise in graphic design for social issues and 30 years experience working with voluntary groups and charities in the HIV/AIDS sector. Full bio

Senior Lecturer (BA Graphic & Media Design), London College of Communication.


With support and advice from Dr. Ford Hickson, Lecturer with Sigma Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Deepest thanks to Simon Watney, who inspired and nurtured my collection of materials and research in the 1990s.

Thanks also to everyone who has donated materials and responded to my requests.

Rear View: Graphic of the Month April 2021–April 2023
Each month a different item from the archive, was chosen by a guest curator. After a month, the selection was archived and stored on the site here.


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